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Stripable, Lickable, Whipable or GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FANDOM!

The rating community for fangirls everywhere

We are the sick and the sad and the very horny
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Stripable, Whipable, Lickable, or GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FANDOM was started by chaos_ensues and fantom07 when they realized that both of them thought about men way too much. This community is a different rating community - we're not rating LJ users, we're rating Fandom Boys (or girls) - roughly speaking, does this person DESERVE to have a following? This is where you can rate fandom boys (and maybe girls, we're open minded) and then discuss the results.


  1. Entries must be over the age of 18 (with possible exception of the cast of Harry Potter)

  2. The catagories you can choose from are the ones listen in our title.

  3. Make sure you post the name of the person, fandom they're in, a picture of the person, and if you can - have it as a poll

  4. We're pretty loose on the term "fandom" but basically they have to have SOME sort of fangirl/fanboy following. And yes - a single person CAN be a fandom (just look at how many fangirls fawn over Orlando Bloom ALONE).

  5. If the picture is not work safe PUT IT UNDER AN LJ CUT!!

  6. play nice!